CNC machines today are controlled directly from files created by CAM software packages, so that a part or assembly can go directly from design to manufacturing without the need of producing a drafted paper drawing of the manufactured component. Like the industrial robot systems, the CNC machines are programmable to perform many kinds of machining operations (within their designed physical limits, like other robotic systems).

Our software provides 2, 3 and 4 axis indexing CNC Gcode for Milling, Lathe, Routing, Water Jet, Laser, Plasma and Wire EDM CAD/CAM systems offering powerful CAD functionality for design combined with Toolpath and complete G-Code producing functions.

SolidWorks, used by an
estimated 775,000 engineers and draftspersons to create technical drawings, is renowned for its superior 3D rendering capabilities.Engineers and designers use SolidWorks when they want an optimum modeling system to design better products faster and more accurately plus a seamlessly integrated, innovative, feature-based CAM system for CNC machining.
SolidWorks runs on Microsoft Windows platforms. It was introduced in 1993 by newly-founded SolidWorks Corporation and designed as an alternative to 2D CAD packages like Autodesk Inventor, SDRC I-DEAS (now Unigraphics NX) and Pro/ENGINEER among many others.
Mastercam is the most commonly used
CAD/CAM software worldwide and remains the program of choice among CNC programmers. Mastercam X is the next generation of this popular program, delivering a new simplified, customizable interface with more power, and solid modeling tools designed for the NC programmer. Mastercam X delivers a new, streamlined customizable interface. Specially designed to minimize user interaction while maximizing programming options, the new interface is completely customizable and can be set to each person's specific preferences.
The technology of CNC machine
tools has been enhanced by parallel advances in CAD/CAM. In the first NC systems, CAD and CAM were regarded as separate functions. Gradually they have come to be treated as an integrated operation, with manufacturing processes being considered at the product design stage.
Among the CNC machine types supported by our software: Mills, Lathes, Routers, Water Jets, Lasers, Punch Presses, EDMs, etc.
Imagenation® is a powerful tool for accessing, sharing and distributing your company’s information. Its ability to handle document viewing requirements—from native file viewing, 3D CAD model viewing, to direct scanning and cleanup of paper documents, to document markup and revision for hundreds of industry standard formats, makes Imagenation the leader in enterprise-wide viewing tools. The latest release includes support for new file types like Solid Works 2005 drawings as well as many large raster performance enhancements with respect to memory and speed. Extremely large raster files, in excess of 2 GB, open rapidly and display progressively, with minimal memory use.
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